CQC inspection passed at Kings Cross Dental. Congratulations to all the team

Good news from the past week with Cqc inspectors comprehensively inspecting our Kings Cross Branch. The inspections are there to test 5 main areas, checking the practice is Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive to patients needs and Well led. We are happy to report that the inspectors were very happy that we satisfied the requirements and… Continue reading »


Rosie Turner takes over the blog!!

Rosie T takes over the blog! Updates about the clinics now being posted by Rosie T. Lots of exciting changes imminent to let you in on!


New addition to The Teams at Centre Point AND Kings Cross Dental. Dr. Shefali Sood welcome to the team

Happy new year, and we are excited about the additions of a new staff member to the teams at Centre Point Dental WC2H 0LA and King Cross Dental WC1X 8QD. Shefali Sood will be joining the team as a general dentist working on Tuesdays at Centre Point Dental and Wednesdays at Kings Cross Dental. Shefali… Continue reading »


The Importance of Oral Health- The pathway to your body

Hi all, Just a reminder today that the state of your teeth affects your overall health. A healthy diet of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables (preferably with 3 of these being vegetables due to acidity in fruit) is recommended with less refined sugars. Gum disease and the bad bacteria associated with the conditionĀ is linked… Continue reading »


New uniform Logos- Carnaby Street Dental- Nice problem to choose preferred design

Hi all, As part of our routine audits to improve our practices protocols, we have designed to refresh our practice logos on our staff uniforms. The logos are sharp and crisp and give our staff the professional look that we enjoy. Hope you like them? We decided to go with the silver colour writing. #expertsthatcare… Continue reading »


Kings Cross Dental- Advice to avoid Acid erosion – Foods to be weary of!

With the growing incidence of tooth surface loss in our patients at our central London dentist clinics, we thought it wise to describe those foods that contribute to this ever growing phenomenon. Certain foods are high in acid, and this softens and erodes enamel. Enamel is a dead tissue and once it is lost, it… Continue reading »


Mercury Free Dentistry- Safe Protocol Implementation- Worried about you health?

We at the Carnaby Street, Centre Point and Kings Cross Dental practices are very happy to carry out high quality care and treatment of mercury free dentistry. We use specific protocols as set out by the British Society of Mercury Free Dentistry. However, we have recently added some extra protocols to minimise particulate exposure and… Continue reading »


A Drill free future? New technique in development at Kings College

A new idea to encourage teeth to repair themselves may see the end of the fear-inducing sound of the dentist’s drill, researchers say. Researchers at King’s College London believe electricity can be used to strengthen a tooth by forcing minerals into the layer of enamel. They hope it will get rid of the need for… Continue reading »

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