How brushing your teeth could ward off CANCER. New evidence shows links.

Worrying new evidence released from New York university and presented in New Orleans shows a demonstrateable link between bacteria prevalent in periodontal conditions and pancreatic cancer. Dentists and hygienists have consistently stressed the importance of twice daily brushing and daily interdental cleaning. The new research reemphasises the importance of doing this. We at Carnaby Street… Continue reading »


Acid ph of some common foods. Wine and Strawberries surprisingly high

Acid erosion is a common problem for may. Its a weakening and softening of tooth enamel from eating of acid foods. The following table is a interesting table showing the ph of various common foods. We at the Carnaby Group of practices in central London (Carnaby Street Dental W1F 7DL, Kings Cross Dental W1F 7DL,… Continue reading »


Kings Cross Dental- Advice to avoid Acid erosion – Foods to be weary of!

With the growing incidence of tooth surface loss in our patients at our central London dentist clinics, we thought it wise to describe those foods that contribute to this ever growing phenomenon. Certain foods are high in acid, and this softens and erodes enamel. Enamel is a dead tissue and once it is lost, it… Continue reading »


Can mercury fillings really poison you or is it just a scare story? Broadcaster Jameela Jamil is convinced

Interesting article today, from Jameela Jamil in the Daily Mail, who is convinced that the mercury amalgam fillings in her mouth triggered her health issues. The article link is posted below. Jameela is supporting Allergy UK to raise awareness of food allergies and is ambassador for Holland & Barrett’s Free From range We at Carnaby… Continue reading »


A Drill free future? New technique in development at Kings College

A new idea to encourage teeth to repair themselves may see the end of the fear-inducing sound of the dentist’s drill, researchers say. Researchers at King’s College London believe electricity can be used to strengthen a tooth by forcing minerals into the layer of enamel. They hope it will get rid of the need for… Continue reading »

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