CURASEPT Mouthwashes- a stain free solution at the Carnaby Group Of Practices

We are now stocking stain free mouthwashes called Curasept Mouthwashes. These mouthwashes come in 2 separate varieties.

One is an implant version containing an hyaluronic Acid which has a stronger anti-bacterial effect. The other is a slightly more mild version. The good thing about these products is that they are much less staining  the traditional mouthwashes, and have been found to be very popular with our dentists and hygienists alike.

Ask at reception for details and they work well with soft curaprox brushes that are very soft on enamel too.

We at the Carnaby Group Of Dental Practices are very happy to keep our patients smiles white and fresh and look forwards to seeing our patients at one of our Central London clinics soon.





Orthodontic Treatment

Two of our dentists are expanding their treatment options by offering the ‘inman aligner’ straightening technique.
“The Inman Aligner can be used to straighten front teeth quickly, safely and predictably. Whether it’s a standalone treatment or prior to further cosmetic dentistry, patients and dentists love the speed of treatment. At last, conservative, no-compromise cosmetic dentistry has become a great option.” – Inman Aligner website
• Quick treatment 6-18 weeks
• Outstanding results with one appliance
• Increase case acceptance and patient satisfaction
• Ideal to align crowded or protruding anterior teeth
• Great standalone treatment or before restorative treatment

If you would like to know more then please contact the practice on 02078370773 or email to

Inman Aligner


Small step for mankind, ginormous step for dentistry!

Small step for mankind, ginormous step for dentistry!

Based on the concerns of mercury the British Dental Association have announced that new regulations for the use of dental amalgam will come into effect as of July 2018.
“The BDA is alerting dentists that from 1 July 2018, UK law states that dental amalgam should not be used in the treatment of deciduous teeth, in children under 15 years-old, and in pregnant or breastfeeding women, except when deemed strictly necessary by a dentist based on the specific medical needs of the patient.

The law has been passed on the basis of environmental concerns about mercury pollution, and does not reflect any evidence-based concerns about adverse effects of amalgam on human health.” – BDA
To ready more please follow the link…


Meet Our Practice Manager

The practice manager Elizabeth, known as Lizzie amongst our family, initially started working for our team as a dental nurse at Carnaby Street Dental, she carried out her duties with extreme precision and pride. Lizzie is very passionate about the industry and strong believer in personal development and knew that she wanted to work her way up the company and this is exactly what she did.
Lizzie made herself indispensable, working with our oral surgeon and endodontist her skill set was continuously growing, Lizzie became a very valuable member of the crew. Compassion comes naturally to Lizzie, she has a very calming manor which is useful when we have nervous patients who need a little TLC.
After 3 Years, with both her knowledge and compassion combined Lizzie had everything it took to become the successful Practice Manager of CenterPoint Dental where she stayed for 3 Years and continuously proved her capabilities with any challenge thrown at her.
As the company expanded and our team was growing stronger Lizzie was relocated to manage both Carnaby Street Dental and Kings Cross Dental where she is situated now.
Lizzie’s widespread knowledge of dentistry will help you manage all aspects of your treatment and is more than happy to help with any queries you may have.


Carnaby Street Invisalign Promo

We had a great time last night at the #CarnabyStyleWeekender.
All three of our branches came together to promote Dr Sarah Holmes new ‘Invisalign Fast’.
The promotion means that you will have £900 off the original price AND the initial consultation is absolutely free!

If you would like to hear more please call us on 02078370773.


Mercury free or Mercury safe? – There’s a difference!

More and more studies are being done to question the safety of amalgam fillings. These fillings which are most commonly known as ‘silver fillings’ have shown to be releasing harmful mercury vapours. Sweden, Denmark and Norway have banned the use of amalgam fillings all together and only 50% of partitioning dentists are placing them.

Our practices are committed to providing the best and safest quality of work, due to this all three of our branches are mercury free. This means that we use various other materials, all of which do not contain mercury, they also come in different tooth shades, making them more aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to this we are also mercury safe this has a different meaning; some practitioners may be removing amalgam fillings in the same fashion as other materials, this would be unsafe as vapours can be released during the procedure however they are still mercury free dentists as they are not placing them. Mercury safe means that we have protocols to ensure removal of amalgam fillings are done in such a way that mercury does not cause harm during removal. Some of these protocols include;

– The use of Rubber Dam
– High speed suction
– Selenium Rinse
– High powered Air filter

If you are concerned regarding your amalgam fillings and would like to discuss replacing them please call 02078370773 and we wold be more than happy to answer any questions.

Kings Cross Dental Team


3 steps to brighten your smile for the summer!

1 Basics
First you must begin with the basics, our main priority is making sure you are dentally fit. This journey begins with an examination consists of a full inspection which includes soft tissue check, teeth vitality, cancer screening and 2 x dental x-rays.

2 Hygiene
The second step is to get those pearly whites cleaned by a professional. Everyday life can take its toll on your teeth from coffee, red wine, sugary treats, this all has the capability to build up tar and create stains. Some of these effects can only be removed by a professional and not by your tooth brush.
The second part of your appointment consists of oral hygiene advice tailored to you. There are many different cleaning tools available to you over the counter and not everyone is suitable. Our hygienist will tell you exactly what is right for you!

3 Whitening
Last but not least, fancy going that step further?
We offer one of the most renowned teeth whitening systems out there, Zoom.
We have two options for you starting with the custom made home whitening kit or for people with a busy schedule we also offer the in surgery whitening where you can see a difference in one seating!

To hear more on any of the above please call us on 02078370773.


Controversial- Root canal treatments: Some thoughts and considerations

Here at the Carnaby Group of dental practices, we understand the concerns associated with root canal treatments.

With one school of thought, they are not recommended by many biological dentists and some holistic dentists as the idea of dead spaces being home to harbouring of very toxic bacteria.

We at the Carnaby Group Of dental practices are aware of the controversies associated with this complex procedure and can guide you as to what we think will be the best course of action for your needs.

Certainly, studies show that procedural techniques are now vastly improved and appropriate sterilisation of root systems is at a much different place to where lots of the old reporting was, when they were first written.

To discuss the individual scenario, please contact us at Carnaby Street Dental on 0207 734 6421


Welcome Dr Sheffali Sood

As we are expanding our team I would like to introduce you to Dr Shefali Sood…

Dr. Shefali Sood graduated from Kings College London in 2012 with a Bachelors degree in Dental Sciences. She has been practising for 5 years, providing the highest quality general dentistry.

Shefali particularly enjoys the creative aspect of dentistry, improving a patient’s smile and confidence through personally tailored treatment plans that incorporate all aspects of restorative dentistry. Shefali is also experienced at straightening teeth with discrete aligners having completed the Clear Smile Aligner Course with IAS Academy. Shefali has a keen interest in carrying out anti-wrinkle treatments and fillers after undergoing training in Facial Aesthetics at DBK institute.

Shefali welcomes the opportunity to work with nervous patients and strives to put all patients at ease to create a relaxed and enjoyable dental experience.

Shefali regularly attends courses and conferences to ensure her knowledge is current and she is up to date with advances in dentistry. Outside of work Shefali enjoys travelling, reading, making jewellery and calligraphy.


CQC inspection passed at Kings Cross Dental. Congratulations to all the team

Good news from the past week with Cqc inspectors comprehensively inspecting our Kings Cross Branch.

The inspections are there to test 5 main areas, checking the practice is Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive to patients needs and Well led.

We are happy to report that the inspectors were very happy that we satisfied the requirements and we look forward to continuing to provide a great caring service for the foreseeable future.

Well done again to the team.


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