New Toothbrush designs from Curaprox help reduce Abrasions- Some information

New polyester filament designs being used by Curaprox are helping fight back against toothbrush abrasions caused by harder nylon bristles. Dr. Baber Nisar was impressed by the new options of softer manual toothbrushes on offer from Curaprox and recommends them form those who suffer from severe abrasions and an inability to reduce the forces they use to brush their teeth. Come and speak to one of our dentists today to check your teeth regularly to maintain a healthy smile and we will be happy to guide you as to the best brushing aids that will suit you, from electric powered rechargeable brushes to sensodyne search small super manual brushes to this new design of Curaprox brushes, amongst other aids.

To book an appointment call one of our central London clinics and we’d be happy to help

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Dental Showcase 2017- NEC Birmingham-NEW exciting innovations in the dental field explored

Dental showcase was attended by Dr. Nisar and members of the team.
It was informative as always, and many new exciting innovations were seen.
This included new dental CADCAM machinery and surgery equipment. New lasers were seen that can increase coagulation of wounds and encourage faster healing. The new thinking and concepts viewed across the show and will be brought back and relayed to our colleagues across the practices.


Prosecco warning given by many Dentists: Be aware of dangers to your dentition

As per articles in recent newspapers, we want to bring to the attention of our patients and the pubic of our practices concerns with the overuse of Prosecco sparkling wine from Italy. This current popular beverage contains a ‘triple whammy’ of carbonation, sugars and alcohol. Its a hidden causer of problems and here at Carnaby Street Dental, as well as our other branches at Kings Cross Dental and Centre Point Dental, we want our patients and the pubic to be aware.


Alzheimers and Dementia linked to higher prevalence in Periodontal (Gum) Disease

New research released confirming what is understood to be the link between serious systemic disease and having higher incidences of periodontal disease.
We at the Carnaby Dental Investment Group of practices at Carnaby Street, Centre Point and Kings Cross Dental are continually promoting good oral hygeine in combination with appropriate visits to the dentist and or one of our skilled hygienists.
Always remember the mouth is the gateway to the body.
Call us today to book.


Employee Of The Month April: Carnaby Group Of Dental Practices: Shova

Congratulations to Shova. Following her hard work this past month, with no illness, abcense or lateness, she won the inaugural employee of the month award for April.

Shova is now assistant manager at Centre Point Dental and has been providing some valuable support to our dentists across the practices. Well done Shova- keep up the hard work! Enjoy the cash:))

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CPR training for all staff at Carnaby Group Of Practices

Today was an interesting day for our staff as we embarked upon our annual training of medical emergencies and CPR training. Set at our Kings Cross Dental branch of our central London locations, we spent the afternoon training with our trainer Michelle from the DBG. The training session proved very fruitful as a refresher for our already trained staff to refresh their knowledge.

Anaphylaxis as well as Myocardial Infarction, Asthma, Stroke, and Epilepesy were discussed and we practised with the defibrilator.

Rest assured we hope our calm professional manner allays anxieties and that we can avoid medical emergencies but we know if needed our whole team at Centre Point Dental, Carnaby Street Dental and Kings Cross Dental can care and look after you.

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The Importance of Oral Health- The pathway to your body

Hi all,

Just a reminder today that the state of your teeth affects your overall health. A healthy diet of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables (preferably with 3 of these being vegetables due to acidity in fruit) is recommended with less refined sugars. Gum disease and the bad bacteria associated with the condition is linked to lots of health problems in other parts of the body.

Gum disease increases your risk of all kinds of other health complications such as diabetes and heart disease.

By brushing your teeth properly for 2 minutes twice a day and appropriately flossing and looking after your gums, this can treat and prevent gum disease.

Visit your dentist and hygienist for regular check-ups and cleaning. Book to see Dr. Baber Nisar or one of our dentists at one of our Central London clinics today. Experience that counts from experts that care.

Carnaby Dental Group of Practices

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Kings Cross Dental WC1X 8QD


Carnaby Street Dental and Centre Point Dental staffing notifications

Hi all,

The new year has seen some staffing changes at the practices, with the promotions of several of our long standing, loyal, competent staff.

At the Carnaby Street Branch, Rosemarie O’Keefe (Rose) has been promoted to Assistant Manager, formalising  a role that she has been carrying out in all but name. Rose is at the practice 5 days a week and will be happy to assist with the co-ordination of your treatment, be it a simple dental procedure or more advanced cosmetic or holistic mercury removal procedures.

Especially good with nervous patients, Rose can be the bridge for all your enquiries for treatment with any of our general or specialist dentists, or indeed for the Practice Manager Lizzie Newberry.

At our Centre Point branch, Swapnil Gurung has been promoted to the Practice manager position to fill the role vacated by Aida Abadian, who have moved north to pursue a career as a dental hygienist. Swapnil is a veteran of the practice for the past few years and continues our preference of promotion from within to allow for a continued smooth running of our practice. Her cheerful and pleasant manner will continue to provide an ease to your experience at our centrally located busy practice.

Alongside this Shova Pun has also been promoted into the Assistant manager role where she will provide assistance too and cover for Swapnil during any absence. Shova is based across both practices and will already be familiar to many of you, with her calm and pleasant demeanour.

Take care, see you soon!

The team Carnaby Group of Dental Practices

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New uniform Logos- Carnaby Street Dental- Nice problem to choose preferred design

Hi all,

As part of our routine audits to improve our practices protocols, we have designed to refresh our practice logos on our staff uniforms.

The logos are sharp and crisp and give our staff the professional look that we enjoy.

Hope you like them? We decided to go with the silver colour writing.

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Christmas Opening Hours: 28/29/30TH December Open

Hi all,

Just a notice that we at the Carnaby Street, Centre Point and Kings Cross Dental practices will be running a limited service during the holiday period. The practices will all be operating individual timetables so please check and ask at your individual practice.

We hope this helps ease anyones fears of a Christmas Dental emergency! With easy access to our Central London Practices, we are only a short journey away.

Please call today for an appointment. Maintaining a healthy smile is especially important during the festivities and this social time of the year.



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