Mercury free or Mercury safe? – There’s a difference!

More and more studies are being done to question the safety of amalgam fillings. These fillings which are most commonly known as ‘silver fillings’ have shown to be releasing harmful mercury vapours. Sweden, Denmark and Norway have banned the use of amalgam fillings all together and only 50% of partitioning dentists are placing them.

Our practices are committed to providing the best and safest quality of work, due to this all three of our branches are mercury free. This means that we use various other materials, all of which do not contain mercury, they also come in different tooth shades, making them more aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to this we are also mercury safe this has a different meaning; some practitioners may be removing amalgam fillings in the same fashion as other materials, this would be unsafe as vapours can be released during the procedure however they are still mercury free dentists as they are not placing them. Mercury safe means that we have protocols to ensure removal of amalgam fillings are done in such a way that mercury does not cause harm during removal. Some of these protocols include;

– The use of Rubber Dam
– High speed suction
– Selenium Rinse
– High powered Air filter

If you are concerned regarding your amalgam fillings and would like to discuss replacing them please call 02078370773 and we wold be more than happy to answer any questions.

Kings Cross Dental Team

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