Holistic Dentistry- Safe Mercury Removal

What is Holistic Dentistry?- “Holistic dentistry, also called unconventional dentistry emphasizes approaches to dental care which consider the patient’s dental health in the context of their entire physical as well as emotional or spiritual health in some cases.”

Holistic Dentistry focuses on using biocompatible (non-toxic) restorative materials, eliminating infections, and promoting optimal teeth / jaw / head / neck structural relationships.

Dentists are often asked whether these silver-coloured fillings are safe due to the mercury content, and if an amalgam filling can or should be replaced.

  • Mercury is a natural occurring metal but is categorised as extremely toxic with known health effects from exposure to high amounts including auto immune, kidney and neurological problems.

  • Mercury vapour releases from the surface of these fillings during chewing and the consumption of hot liquids. This vapour passes through the skin in the mouth, and into the body.

  • Mercury has a strong affinity to lipid or fatty tissue. The biggest organ accumulation of fatty tissue is the brain and nervous system. This can have an effect on the endocrine and immune sys

  • tems.

One of the main reasons people choose a Holistic dentist is for the safe removal and replacement of Amalgam fillings as a special protocol is followed to minimise any impact on the body :

Our safe mercury removal method:

  1. The use of rubber dam to isolate tooth/teeth being worked on.

  2. The use of oxygen supply using nasal canula through the nose.

  3. High powered suction with amalgam separation unit to collect waste amalgam.

  4. Air filtration system.

  5. To get dental materials tested for compatibility.

  6. Nutritional support.

Carefully following these steps our dental practitioners will  ensure that when a filling is removed there is no danger of mercury exposure for the patient.

For aesthetic reasons replacing silver fillings with white ones can get rid of those unwanted dark patches in the mouth meaning that when we smile or open the mouth it appears clean, fresh and healthy!

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